Monday, February 18, 2008

The Blog is Launched!

I plan to keep my site's *new happenings* updated here!
We are adding a lot to the Custom Baby Boutique Site here in the next few months!

*more items to be monogrammed:
backpacks, diaper bags and some things for MOM!
* a shopping cart is coming!
you can check out and be done!
*nap mats in stock will be organized better in the upcoming months
you can always custom order your mat you design

Here is a back pack I did for my daughter that I will be offering soon:

More updates and sneak peeks of what is coming to follow soon!

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Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Welcome to the world of Blog! We sill use and love the lovies, and unfortunately, they no longer fit into their "name" onesies from birth. The 1-year mark is coming up on Friday so we'll have to get with you for some special 1-year stuff. Looking forward to seeing more...